Friday, 28 May 2010

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

It's not hard to love Berlin.

When the opportunity came to take in another European city, spend some with a dear friend, see a friend I had not seen for 15 years and watch one of my favourite bands I had to jump at the chance to do all of this in the modest city of Berlin.

Throw away the stereotype of the German character and replace it with a city of helpful, friendly, warm and hospitable folk who have more of a grasp of the English language than most first language Brits.

Clean, efficient, spacious, affordable, creative, historic, fascinating, I could go on.

Taint were also incredible but that is no surprise to anyone that has ever experienced this band live. They never fail to deliver!!! They played a wonderful event called Friction Fest, which once again put scummy British Festivals to shame!

The only negative side of the trip for me was the fact that I was in Berlin for 24 hours and am desperate to return and drink tea, walk the streets, take in some galleries and see the history of one of Europe's most important cities.